Dreamwatch Magazine - 122

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Features on:

2 pages Batman Begins (David S Goyer takes us behind the scenes)
2 pages Stargate Atlantis (David Hewlett talks about the return of the arrogant, infuriating and yet strangely lovable scientist.)
2 pages The Incredibles (Brad Bird talks about the eagerly awaited comedy adventure)
2 pages Star Trek: Enterprise (Jolene Blalock talks about life as the Starship Enterprise's resident Vulcan)
3 pages Stargate SG-1 (Richard Dean Anderson tells what his character's new assignment means for the series)
2 pages Stargate SG-1 (Michael Shanks tells why season eight is going to be a memorable year)
5 pages Alien vs Predator
4 pages Battlestar Galactica (Ronald D Moore tells what the future holds for the rag-tag fugitive fleet. Kate Sackhoff talks about the latest adventures of the new Starbuck)
5 pages The Grudge (Sarah Michelle Gellar tells why she's out to shock!)
4 pages Star Wars (Gary Kurtz tells the inside story of the birth of the Star Wars Franchise.)
3 pages Bruce Campbell
3 pages Erin Gray talks about the adventures of Colonel Wilma Deering
1 page interview Ben Browder