Dreamwatch Magazine - 123

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Features on:

2 pages Battlestar Galactica (Jamie Bamber talks about his work and recalls his time with Richard Hatch)
1 page Richard Hatch
2 pages Hex (Christina Cole gives us a glimpse of the show's past, present and future)
I 3 pages The 4400 (Ira Steven Behr reveals the saga's secrets)
3 pages Smallville (Miles Millar talks about the latest year of the Superman prequel series)
1 page Smallville (interview with Tom Welling)
3 pages Stargate SG-1 (Christopher Judge talks about his Jaffa alter ego's latest adventures)
5 pages Blade (interview with David Goyer and Jessica Biel)
4 pages Star Trek Enterprise (John Billingsley writes about the making of the upcoming fourth season)
4 page interview Kenneth Johnson
2 pages Carrie Dobro talks about the show's brief run and discusses her role as the master thief Dureena Nafeel
1 page interview Lance Henriksen