Dreamwatch Magazine - 124

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Features on:

2 pages Charmed (Brad Kern talks about the latest exploits)
5 pages Stargate SG-1 (Amanda Tapping looks forward to staying)
4 pages Fantastic Four (interviews with Julian McMahon, Ioan Gruffudd, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans and Jessica Alba)
4 pages Smallville (There's much more to come, according to series co-creator Al gough)
4 pages Atlantis (Joe Flanigan discusses his time so far as Major John Sheppard and looks ahead to episodes yet to come)
3 pages Alias (Carl Lumbly finds himself with a smile on his face)
4 pages Battlestar Galactica (James Callis looks inside the mind of the series most amusing, most tormented and most dangerous character...plus a chat with Cylon seductress Tricia Helfer)
3 pages Star Trek: Enterprise (Connor Trinneer couldn't be more excited about that)
2 pages Lost in Space: 1999 (Time Tunnel)
1 page interview Robert Picardo