Hello Magazine 0023

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in very good condition

5 pages - JANE RUSSELL talks about the very different life she now leads
3 1/2 pages - ROY KINNEAR Farewell to a magnificent clown
4 pages - SEVERIANO BALLESTEROS talks about his life and his pending marriage to Carmen Botin
3 1/2 pages PATTI SCIALFA - Bruce's new love is in the spotlight
2 pages - BEN JOHNSON - "I am innocent" - do these pictures prove it?
2 pages - THE PRINCESS OF WALES - Princess Diana at work or at play - strikingly suits every occasion
6 pages - SALLY FIELD - A new baby, a new career as a film producer, and new happiness in Hollywood 4 pages - THE DUKE AND DUCHESS OF YORK - Precious time together as a couple
2 pages - FREDDIE MERCURY & MONTSERRAT CABALIE - The countdown to Barcelona Olympics '92
5 pages - POPE JOHN PAUL II celebrates his 10-year reign
1/2 page GARY GLITTER - learning to be cool
1/2 page JEAN MICHEL JARRE - spectacular docklands concert goes ahead
1 page MIKE TYSON and ROBIN GIVENS - divorce saga
1 page - JOAN COLLINS celebrating the launch of her first novel
4 pages DIRK BOGARDE - homage to a loved actor - we meet the most private of actors
10TH BRITISH DESIGNER SHOW AT OLYMPIA - 4 page fashion photos(includes photos of Yasmin Le Bon, Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes plus small photo of Boy George)
3 pages - JOHN CLEESE interview - fame brings him time for some serious leisure